scoping and consulting services

WordPress scoping and consulting services

When it is time to have a website developed for your personal or business use, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Where does one begin? How do you determine what should be included or excluded from the final product? How do we catch a user’s attention? What needs to be addressed when approaching the design for the website? There are admittedly many factors to take into account when the decision come about to have a website developed

Digital Cactus offers scoping and consulting services. We do our utmost to make this process less of a hassle. With every WordPress website we develop we go through the rigorous process of consulting and scoping out a project to help the development process run smoothly.

The discovery phase of developing a website occurs right at the beginning, not only to plan out the development, but also to guide the clients on what they can expect and what we are being hired to carry out. Keeping everyone on the same page is of great importance to the success of developing a website. This process provides a client clear understanding and lists of what is needed from their side to aid the website in going live on the date that it is decided on, instead of running over deadline.

We consult on projects even if we are not developing the website

At Digital Cactus we also offer WordPress consulting and project scoping even if we are not developing the website ourselves. Each project of this nature would be assessed and a custom offering would be created. This consulting service extends to WordPress powered websites and includes elements such as:

  • Site structure
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Development documents
  • Mock-ups & wire framing
  • Style tiles and design guidelines
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Best practices
  • Social Media
  • And more

Should you be interested in our consulting services, please head over to our contact page, fill out our contact form and request a consultation, or mail us